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The use of the cadavers to teach gross anatomy has been practised in undergraduate medical courses traditionally.
During gross anatomy dissection, exposure to formaldehyde vapors and contact with formalin can cause adverse effects.
Students toured the WVSOM campus, visiting the Science Building for a Human Gross Anatomy presentation.
These histological preparations were used to corroborate the reproductive states previously determined by examination of gross anatomy.
For students and professionals in health sciences studying or reviewing the neuroanatomy and gross anatomy of the 12 cranial nerves, Wilson-Pauwels (biomedical communications, U.
When you read a paper in a journal of clinical radiology which includes a section headed 'Molecular imaging of the metabolome: hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF) and the Warburg effect', (3) you realise that times are changing, and that we have moved beyond the demonstration of gross anatomy (although that's clearly still important) into a world where we can reveal cellular physiology and pathophysiology on a scale that is several orders of magnitude smaller than anything we have been used to.
Alabama's Gadsden State Community College biology Instructor Philip Shider and Kaci Rodgers, gross anatomy lab supervisor, recently participated in an exclusive course offered by the Human Anatomy & Physiology Society Institute.
But now I have the stress of knowing he's often up till five, in his teeny, chilly digs, revising Gross Anatomy or Endocrinology or something, and Will He Overdo It And Make Himself Ill?
Gross anatomy is a foundational course for both programs.
Benefits from peer teaching in the dental gross anatomy laboratory.
The gross anatomy of the male reproductive organs is fairly consistent among four-legged mammals (Figure 5-1).