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1994, 'Formaldehyde exposure, acute pulmonary response and exposure control options in a gross anatomy laboratory', American Journal of Industrial Medicine 26, 61-75.
Anatomy students who are pregnant should consult an obstetrician before attending the first gross anatomy laboratory and must take precautions to ensure minimal exposure to formaldehyde.
Using interactive videodiscs to teach gross anatomy to undergraduates at the Ohio State University.
As we all know from gross anatomy, the closer you look at the human body, the more you can see ("Pro & Con: Should annual pelvic exams be ultrasound assisted?
Coming into an early-morning gross anatomy class after working in the meat packing plant all night was particularly tough," he says.
This proposed building will consist of approximately 125,000 GSF for flexible classrooms, lecture halls and gross anatomy laboratories that specifically serve student needs and establish the portal for medical students to train and graduate in the Lower Rio Grande Valley as a concrete step toward the establishment of a medical school in South Texas, as authorized by SB 98 from the 81st Legislature and endorsed by the Board of Regents on May 3, 2012.
com)-- "Anatomy - An Essential Textbook," recently published by Thieme, is a review-style gross anatomy textbook designed to accompany Thieme's award winning “Atlas of Anatomy, Second Edition”.
Using nearly 6,000 copper panels and more than 10,000 copper parts, this 268,000 square-foot building consists of six stories of administration and faculty offices, lecture halls, learning studios, flexible classrooms, clinical suites, gross anatomy facilities, laboratories and conference rooms.
offer medical students an atlas of clinical gross anatomy that proceeds from the head to the foot and from superficial to deeper structures.
Students Matt Cauchi, Nathan Mullins and Sarah Shaw--Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA) for the Anatomy Department--will use the $3,500 grant to produce a Gross Anatomy dissection video series.
Content will include coverage of such topics as gross anatomy, embryology, histology, and neurosciences at all levels of anatomical sciences education including undergraduate, post-graduate, allied health, medical and dental.