gross injustice

References in classic literature ?
It must not be supposed (or it would be a gross injustice to Mr Quilp) that he was tortured by any disinterested anxiety on behalf of either.
Kumar also said:"Modi celebrates Diwali with our army men but commits gross injustice with the same people just after Diwali by denying them the benefit of OROP.
In the face of this gross injustice and fear, one youth group bravely made a stand.
He said it would be gross injustice to deprive Malakand its opportunity for development.
Tata put a gun to the workers' heads, told them "we are not interested in what you say, you accept a reduction in your pensions or we close UK steelmaking full stop", knowing full well that the UK government would do nothing to stop this gross injustice, as they continue to let steelworkers down by importing cheap steel from China, and will also continue to buy steel from EU countries for projects here.
Judges recognised what the Government did not - that these fees were a gross injustice.
Welsh girls are - look at female Barbara Cathays David Gauke (Works & Pensions Secretary) along with many ministers in the cabinet stood shoulder to shoulder in opposition with former ASW steelworkers and others condemning Labour at every opportunity for robbing them of their company pensions, but like the Tories are well known for, did nothing to reverse this gross injustice when attaining power in 2010.
Siding with the oppressor and a known violator of human rights is not impartiality, but abdication from responsibility and abetment of gross injustice,' he said.
She has also vowed to fight for her husband saying gross injustice has been done to him.
They said that they were being cornered but would not sit silent against this gross injustice.
RMT general secretary Mick Cash said: "This flawed dismissal is a gross injustice based on no evidence whatsoever and should be overturned immediately.
He spent more than two decades in South Africa, where he developed the concept of Satyagraha while fighting against the gross injustice, discrimination and racism prevailing there.