gross injustice

References in classic literature ?
It must not be supposed (or it would be a gross injustice to Mr Quilp) that he was tortured by any disinterested anxiety on behalf of either.
They said that they were being cornered but would not sit silent against this gross injustice.
Reacting sharply to the announcement of increase in prices of petrol and diesel by the finance minister, he said in the first four months of this fiscal year the international price of oil has declined by approximately 25% while the government has only passed on a relief of less than 4% in diesel prices which means that the benefit of more than 20% drop in oil prices has been pocketed by the government which is gross injustice to the citizens , farmers and businesses who are already struggling in extremely challenging economic conditions.
RMT general secretary Mick Cash said: "This flawed dismissal is a gross injustice based on no evidence whatsoever and should be overturned immediately.
This gratifies the warped emotions of all Conservatives, so that they consciously choose gross injustice over social justice.
Any delay in implementing it is gross injustice towards the poor," Patel, who belongs to Gujarat, said in his letter dated July 8.
He spent more than two decades in South Africa, where he developed the concept of Satyagraha while fighting against the gross injustice, discrimination and racism prevailing there.
When gross injustice befalls them, they stand up for their rights.
It is a gross injustice to the quality care of your patients.
They are rightly making a stand against that gross injustice.
People can see the gross injustice of a company imposing massive pay cuts on people already suffering from low and frozen wages as the cost of living soars.
THE families of those who die in police custody are suffering a gross injustice because they have to pay for their own inquest lawyers while there is no limit on taxpayer-funded help for the officers involved, a former Cabinet minster has said.