gross return

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The highest average gross return on investment, percentage wise, for flipped houses occurred in the 19th Ward ZIPcode of 14619, according to an analysis of home sales deed data by Attom Data Solutions.
Among 176 metro areas with a population of at least 200,000 and at least 100 home flips in 2018, Baltimore had a 103.5 percent gross return on investment (percentage of original purchase price), trailing Pittsburgh (144.2 percent ROI), Scranton, Pennsylvania(131.7);Atlantic City, New Jersey(113.2);Cleveland (112.1);Erie, Pennsylvania(109.3) and Philadelphia(109).
The gross return on the capital invested is also significant at 60 percent.
For any period t after the original period of investment, the taxable income is given by Equation 4 and includes the element of the gross return that pays for the economic depreciation of the investment.
Economics of each strain used in this trial was calculated in terms of feed cost, gross return and net income.
'The total fund size in 2017 increased to RM140.8 billion from RM125 billion, with the overall gross return on investment increased to 5.77 per cent in 2017 from 5.35 per cent in previous year,' he said at the press conference after presenting KWAP financial performance in 2017 here.
The gross return of the SS&C GlobeOp Hedge Fund Performance Index February 2018 measured -0.88%.
While gross return may be high, total return net of taxes may not be high enough to justifying borrowing in the UAE and investing in India."
Each save an additional $1,500 per month during those 20 years and earn the same gross return on investment.
While Private Equity had a higher average annual gross return than REITs at 13.46 percent, its net return was lower at 11.37 percent, pulled down by management fees that were nearly four times higher than those of REITs.
Equities: 11 percent gross return - 3 percent inflation = 8 percent net return x $500,000 =
RealtyTrac reported that Pittsburgh led the markets with the highest average gross return on investment (ROI) with 129.5 percent in 2015.