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TON. Twenty hundred weight, each hundred weight being one hundred and twelve pounds avoirdupois. See act of congress of Aug. 30, 1842, c. 270, s. 20.

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Despite a gale warning issued by the weather bureau, the cargo vessel was cleared by the Philippine Coast Guard to sail to Tacloban City since it was over 250 gross tons.
At 227,700 gross tons it will be slightly larger than its sisters so when it is launched in summer 2016 it can be the undisputed holder of the title of largest cruise ship in the world.
JSEA member yards delivered 20 ships of 801,431 gross tons in May, slightly down from 21 ships of 857,306 gross tons in May 2013.
Meyer Werft delivered Norwegian Breakaway, the first of Norwegian's two new 146,600 gross ton, 4,000-passenger Breakaway class vessels on April 25, 2013; and will deliver Norwegian Getaway, in mid-January 2014.
At 151,400 gross tons, QM2 is the largest ocean liner built and could fit Britannia inside her dining room.
Vincent cargo ship which was 3,038 gross tons in weight and 82 meters in length was carrying iron from Batumi port of Georgia to Turkish city of Istanbul.
Dues-paying vessels into the port during the year equated to just under 53 million gross tons - almost a 1.
Fifteen trains, carrying 33 million gross tons of freight, use the track daily, rail officials said.
Only ships that are more than 200 gross tons would come under the regulation.
EU vessel owners will contribute by paying license fees - the cost of which will be 4,200 for purse seiners, 3,500 for long-liners bigger than 250 gross tons, and 1,680 for smaller long-liners.
Sorlandet, measuring 210 feet and 577 gross tons, is the oldest operative full-rigged ship in the world and was launched in 1927 at a shipyard in Kristiansand.
The communications ministry said the operating licenses of 1,066 foreign ships totaling 1,458,096 gross tons to serve public transport in the country will be reviewed.