gross wrong

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No one is able to discover his identity or for what gross wrong he is attempting to atone, until he is found dead in his hermitage with a note beside his body, "This is the clay of Leslie the Earl, who sinned and suffered sore.
To bolster his point, Newman, drawing upon Ronald Dworkin, employs the example of a corporation committing a gross wrong due to a mistaken decision made when all of its individual members were acting with a reasonable belief that others possessed information they did not in fact have.
Whoever becomes leader of the Labour party had better take careful note that here is a gross wrong which needs to be righted.
Hence, where there is gross wrong there should be admonition.
Yet Hitchens's judgment on Jefferson is nonetheless Partonesque, for although "America has committed gross wrongs and crimes," it has also "upheld great values and principles" (ibid.