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Great; culpable; general; absolute. A thing in gross exists in its own right, and not as an appendage to another thing. Before or without diminution or deduction. Whole; entire; total; as in the gross sum, amount, weight—as opposed to net. Not adjusted or reduced by deductions or subtractions.

Out of all measure; beyond allowance; flagrant; shameful; as a gross dereliction of duty, a gross injustice, gross carelessness or Negligence. Such conduct as is not to be excused.


(Flagrant), adjective absolute, aggravated, big, colossal, considerable, deplorable, dire, dreadful, easily seen, egregious, enormous, evident, extreme, fulsome, gigantic, glaring, grave, great, grievous, heinous, horrible, huge, immense, indelicate, lamentable, large, manifest, massive, monstrous, obvious, odious, outrageous, reprehensible, shameful, shocking, unmitigated, utter
Associated concepts: gross fraud, gross inadequacy, gross missonduct, gross neglect, gross negligence, gross unfairness


(Total), adjective aggregate, all-inclusive, comprehensive, entire, exhaustive, full, inclusive, incredibilis, intact, inviolate, lacking nothing, magnus, nimius, plenary, unabridged, unbroken, uncut, undeducted from, undeleted, undiminished, undivided, unexpurgated, unreduced, unshorn, unshortened, whole, without deductions
Associated concepts: easement in gross, gross earnings, gross estate, gross income, gross profit, gross receipts, gross sales, gross value
See also: aggregate, blatant, brutal, depraved, entirety, excessive, exorbitant, extreme, flagrant, heinous, improper, inelegant, iniquitous, lurid, manifest, nefarious, objectionable, obnoxious, obtrusive, outrageous, repulsive, salacious, scurrilous, stark, total, totality, uncouth, unseemly, whole

GROSS. Absolute; entire, not depending on another. Vide Common.

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Megan Luteran, a captain of Penn State's fencing team, says cleaning up after 107,000 football fans is "one of the grossest things I'll ever have to do--hopefully--in my life.
Consider exploring your kitchen to create the grossest meal imaginable.
And it was the grossest video I have ever seen in my life.
They were always the grossest jokes imaginable--about depression, disability, even suicide.
One of the attractions of this science-based programme is the regular insight we receive into the laws of forensic science--laws which bear (and they will, won't they) the hallmark of design by a higher power; a power which can mitigate even the grossest evil and secret designs of human "wisdom.
Dropping its bomb in the opening scene--college girl Amy orally services (off-screen) her dog one lonely night--pic far exceeds the limits of how far a one-joke comedy can be extended by spending the rest of the running time dealing with the fallout after she relents to her fiance's demand that she tell him the grossest thing she ever did.
Police called their crimes "despicable" and Judge Roger Keen QC told the three: "You are all guilty of the grossest, callous deception of the elderly who placed their trust in you.
On the other hand, it is also a spur to that coarse familiarity, untempered by any shadow of respect, which is assumed by the grossest and lowest in their intercourse with the highest and most refined.
Shragg, kids can learn about the grossest of the gross--including vomit, pee and poop--and how wild animals use these processes to thrive and survive.
The grossest display award goes to Bug Doctor pest controllers, who decorated their booth with hundred of giant cockroaches.
It "appears to be enabling an unconstitutional move and is the grossest violation of our discipline that I've experienced," said Bishop Ron Ferris of Algoma.
The coexistence of England's marvelous seventeenth-century scientific achievements with a legal system still mired in the grossest superstitions of antiquity highlights the vast intellectual gap between science and the law.