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Great; culpable; general; absolute. A thing in gross exists in its own right, and not as an appendage to another thing. Before or without diminution or deduction. Whole; entire; total; as in the gross sum, amount, weight—as opposed to net. Not adjusted or reduced by deductions or subtractions.

Out of all measure; beyond allowance; flagrant; shameful; as a gross dereliction of duty, a gross injustice, gross carelessness or Negligence. Such conduct as is not to be excused.


(Flagrant), adjective absolute, aggravated, big, colossal, considerable, deplorable, dire, dreadful, easily seen, egregious, enormous, evident, extreme, fulsome, gigantic, glaring, grave, great, grievous, heinous, horrible, huge, immense, indelicate, lamentable, large, manifest, massive, monstrous, obvious, odious, outrageous, reprehensible, shameful, shocking, unmitigated, utter
Associated concepts: gross fraud, gross inadequacy, gross missonduct, gross neglect, gross negligence, gross unfairness


(Total), adjective aggregate, all-inclusive, comprehensive, entire, exhaustive, full, inclusive, incredibilis, intact, inviolate, lacking nothing, magnus, nimius, plenary, unabridged, unbroken, uncut, undeducted from, undeleted, undiminished, undivided, unexpurgated, unreduced, unshorn, unshortened, whole, without deductions
Associated concepts: easement in gross, gross earnings, gross estate, gross income, gross profit, gross receipts, gross sales, gross value
See also: aggregate, blatant, brutal, depraved, entirety, excessive, exorbitant, extreme, flagrant, heinous, improper, inelegant, iniquitous, lurid, manifest, nefarious, objectionable, obnoxious, obtrusive, outrageous, repulsive, salacious, scurrilous, stark, total, totality, uncouth, unseemly, whole

GROSS. Absolute; entire, not depending on another. Vide Common.

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Mr Fish added: "He has lost his job as a result of this, not surprisingly, bearing in mind the grossly inappropriate nature of his conduct.
In considering whether the footage may be considered grossly offensive, I have noted that the reference to Hillsborough amounts to a one line comment in a film of almost four minutes.
The number of people who are grossly overweight has increased significantly.
FDA continues to use "uninformed assumptions" to derive its estimation of 20 hours, CRN added "CRN feels strongly that FDA has grossly underestimated the NDI notification process' burden on the dietary supplement industry in terms of time re sources.
BEIRUT: A gathering of Tripoli officials lambasted the central government Monday for grossly neglecting the city.
If you have a grossly bloody urine sample, our dipstick manufacturer (Siemens Medical) encourages rejecting it for dipstick reading, since the color may mask the color for the reaction on the pads, making interpretation for several analytes difficult.
Much unusual magic surrounds events: Cyril, a symbiotic telepathic wyrm, is grossly inserted into Chalkhill so he will look like Lord Hairstreak.
Young breadwinners simply cannot afford adequate protection with whole life insurance and, typically, end up either grossly underprotected with a lapsed policy or both.
The Tax Court's conclusion that the LP was not intended to be a profit-making venture was based primarily on five objective factors: (1) the grossly inflated sales price paid for the EMS; (2) the large nonrecourse note with payment limited to a very speculative income source; (3) the lack of expertise in the energy-management field of LP'S general partner and promoters; (4) the application of the Kegs.
Scientists have created polymer rods that, even after being grossly deformed, will revert toward their original shape when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light.
Even from a legal standpoint, their agenda is untenable because the law grossly tramples on human and civil rights.