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All questions were argued and decided on the basis of their assertions, which had often become wholly inadequate and were often warped into grotesquely impossible interpretations and applications.
The young man lifted it, placed it over the frowsy face and moved one of the grotesquely relaxed limbs into a more comfortable position.
I sometimes thought that he hated even himself, so grotesquely had life dealt with him, and so monstrously.
He nodded grotesquely over his raised legs, like two broomsticks in the pyjamas, with enormous bare feet at the end.
Hopes grotesquely betrayed, ideals caricatured--that is the definition of revolutionary success.
Over the doorway was an ancient porch, quaintly and grotesquely carved; and here on summer evenings the more favoured customers smoked and drank--ay, and sang many a good song too, sometimes--reposing on two grim-looking high-backed settles, which, like the twin dragons of some fairy tale, guarded the entrance to the mansion.
The features of the surrounding picture were, a church with hoarding and scaffolding about it, which had been under suppositious repair so long that the means of repair looked a hundred years old, and had themselves fallen into decay; a quantity of washed linen, spread to dry in the sun; a number of houses at odds with one another and grotesquely out of the perpendicular, like rotten pre- Adamite cheeses cut into fantastic shapes and full of mites; and a feverish bewilderment of windows, with their lattice-blinds all hanging askew, and something draggled and dirty dangling out of most of them.
They were impressed by his straight answers, no doubt wanting to know more about the most grotesquely abused politician in modern Britain.
Berwick's Liberal Democrat MP Sir Alan Beith said the new system is approaching chaos and is grotesquely unfair to people in rural areas.
Tash, who has also played Shakespearean sailors and Dickensian rogues, relishes the opportunity of bringing this grotesquely appealing character to life, especially since director Christine Postlethwaite has added rock music to the vampire mix.
Yes, eating a piece of toast ensures my dog will not take his eyes off me for a second, as two thick ropes of saliva swing grotesquely from his mouth.
The spat, which led Airbus to take out a competing ad showing a Boeing jet nose grotesquely elongated to resemble PinocchioOs, comes as the rhetoric between the planemakers becomes more heated even as both enjoy record backlogs.