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AFTER a string of increasingly tiresome rom-coms, Jennifer Aniston finally lands a meaty role as a pill-popping grouch in this decent comedy-drama.
Bill Murray grabbed the lion's share of attention when the Mm bowed in Toronto, starring as a Brooklyn-accented grouch who slowly thaws from curmudgeon to role model.
A year earlier, Yankees scout Dick Grouch had first spotted Jeter after his junior year.
In fact, we enter AycKbourn country, with a bittersweet (perhaps more bitter than sweet) comedy drama about Stephen Febble, a middle-aged grouch - only happy when slumped in his armchair with the telly, the Daily Telegraph and glass of whisKy - facing up to the awful prospect of a WEEKEND visit by his daughter, her dull husband and their brattish child.
He is the first character to join the likes of Big Bird, Elmo and Oscar the Grouch, who will teach youngsters about how to cope when their dad or mum is in prison.
Then it's up to them to either take it gracefully or be a grouch.
The Grouch keeps stealing Christmas, but lucky for hip-hop fans, he continues to bring it back year after year.
com/wiki/Moishe_Oofnik) Israeli Oscar the Grouch called Rechov SumSum, who is one of the stars of the Israeli version of "Sesame Street," now graces the cover of military-issued pamphlets warning Israelis that they have between 30 seconds and three minutes to find shelter when the air-raid sirens go off.
When three rather miserable ladies, Miss Whimper, Miss Grouch and Miss Stern, see just how happy their neighbour, Miss Jolly, seems to be all the time, they're determined to try anything to get a taste of that wonderful emotion that benefits Miss Jolly so much.
Back then, vaudevillians kept their wages in a little bag tied around their necks, a grouch bag.
These results and the strategic actions we took during the year position us for continued grouch in 2012.
The notoriously picky judge dressed as Dr Seuss's green-faced grouch.