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While Stiller's character "Greenberg'' was grouchily inert, unable to reconcile himself to unfulfilled ambitions, in "While We're Young,'' he's game (maybe too much) to adapt.
I'm told it was 15,000 people watched by four billion other people, and it was just me who was sitting grouchily in the potting shed with a bottle of sherry and a DVD of Chariots of Fire.
But I would not want to conclude grouchily. This is a well-thought-out book, with interesting things to say about all the plays discussed, and it advances our understanding of the impact of the Reformation, and the limits of that impact, on the complex interactions of death, taboo, and the body in early seventeenth-century drama.
And indeed, the angry, anti-social Pekar grouchily takes us through his lonely early life and near-fatal cancer scares.