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While traditionally a time of vacations, cookouts and general relaxation, as the mercury rises, so do reported outbreaks of one of the most serious threats to summertime enjoyment: Weather-Induced Grouchiness (WIG).
While a bout of anger might last for only few minutes, spillover feelings such as irritation, anxiety, grouchiness might linger on for hours and sometime days.
A woman sits on the bench - someone I once disliked because of her grouchiness.
He survived three rounds in Indian Wells, despite his self-confessed grouchiness, but then fell to Chela's compatriot Guillermo Canas.
Larkin's work I liked for its precision and succinctness, not for its parochial grouchiness.
Manchester was a delightful patient, equal parts dry wit, amiable grouchiness, and wide-ranging artistic interests.
Adjusting it can brighten your life and diminish the anger and grouchiness that prompts much of your swearing.
Rudy: This old cuss is the most palatable of the Final Four - at least he has a reason for his grouchiness, which most observers believe will be significantly diminished after tonight's finale.
Clues such as exhaustion, crying, tension headaches and grouchiness all suggest that a person is at the end of their tether.
The grouchiness of a smoker who has not had a cigarette in a while certainly fits this description.
Parents of children with irregular body functioning should plan according to body cues (droopy eyes for tiredness or grouchiness for hunger), rather than the clock.
THE high percentage of pint-sized patrons, several of them decked out in full My Little Princess garb, was distinctly discouraging for those of us who have long since emigrated to the realm of mature masculine grouchiness - not so much 'how sweet' as 'I hope the little blighters don't come within five rows of us.