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Feeling especially grouchy, Bear yelled, "Hey, lazybones, don't you ever move?
Starting in 1963 with "Clifford, the Big Red Dog,'' Bridwell wrote and illustrated more than 40 Clifford books, from "Clifford and the Grouchy Neighbors'' to "Clifford Goes to Hollywood.
This time, the emphasis is on a fairy called Fawn who befriends a grouchy beast by pulling a thorn from his foot.
1 GRUMPY: Snow White And The Seven Dwarves (1937) The grouchy dwarf dislikes Sneezy's sneezes, Bashful's bashfulness and Dopey's dopey ways 2EEYORE: Winnie The Pooh (2011) Depressed donkey Eeyore rarely raises a smile but is fiercely loyal to Pooh.
He adds: "I'm still grumpy, still grouchy and a miser and all that, but I see my transformation as a bigger thing.
This little monster wants to be smelly and grouchy and tough; he really doesn't want everyone saying how sweet he is.
5 GRAN TORINO (2008) CLINT EASTWOOD plays a grouchy war veteran who takes matters into his own hands when his neighbour's son tries to steal his beloved car.
El matrimonio de Sophie De Grouchy con Nicolas de Condorcet duro ocho anos, desde 1786 hasta 1794, cuando Condorcet es perseguido por los jacobinos, encarcelado y encontrado muerto en su celda.
Trying to quit smoking and being grouchy was also one of the best ones.
Judy Murray Attention fashionistas returning to London from Milan, my kids are grouchy and one of them is puking quite a lot this morning.
Set in the near future, Frank (Langella) is a grouchy former jewellery thief who is living a lonely life and is slowly beginning to lose his memory.
She also hinted that she will be ready to release new music in the near future and posted: "It is a surprise so keep it shhhhh and don't be grouchy.