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I'd ground down stumps before with those big yellow rental units and dreaded doing it again.
The home pack made good ground down the right before play was switched to the opposite flank where full back Jonathan Critchlow went over.
Finally, when leaving the ground down Knowsley Road all you could hear was the Giants' Barmy Army still chanting inside the ground.
Djokovic had his moments in an enthralling final but was ultimately ground down by Nadal's intensity.
After all the usual required car-chase elements had been met--sideswiping other vehicles, goin' the wrong way in one-way lanes, running over puncture strips and continuing to drive on highly polished designer wheels as they're being ground down to chaff--the driver, one Randel Levone Riggsbee, 32, of Chapel Hill, failed the Fleeing-Felon-on-Foot exam and the all-important Attitude Test.
IN a Church Magazine dated 1905, Sheena Whiteley of St Hugh's, Gosforth, discovered some household hints which could be useful in today's recycling society: Meat bones can be ground down and boiled for jelly - they are also useful as fuel.
The urchins dig holes to fit their globular bodies using their five teeth, which, like those of rodents, are ground down at the tip but continue to grow on the other end throughout the animals' lives.
LSH will want to bounce back from defeat at New Brighton where, after a roaring start, they were inexorably ground down.
She is too ground down by her split to keep arguing over money.
Q I'M ground down by the long days I work and want to ask my employer if I can work more flexible hours.
Post consumer regrind entails using plastic products that have been recycled, which means they are ground down to be re-used in new manufacturing.
The head of the femur is not removed, but "is ground down to a smaller ball," says Dr.