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At 820A and 820B Washington Avenue, four-story mixed-use building in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn Fusion, will sell its Brooklyn-themed apparel from a 400 s/f, ground floor retail space with additional mezzanine space.
The space is comprised of a 1,250 s/f ground floor and a full basement.
The great spiralling lamp, lighting the ground floor cafe, is made of copper as are the intricate mesh cupboards of the cloakroom upstairs.
Sumptuously red-carpeted, the Ground Floor Corridor is hung with life-size paintings of former first ladies and lined with pedestaled busts of Washington and other presidents.
Preschool (Mouilleboeufs the ground floor and 1 st ) floor
The ground floor is connected to a contiguous lower level of about 5,500 s/f, a space which has served as a private event venue for the art, music, and fashion industries and has a unique, private entrance off of Extra Place--the alleyway behind the space--as well as from within the ground floor space.
CIM Group will begin construction on the first phase in February, a five-story structure with 6,000 square feet of ground floor retail/restaurant space and 95 apartments built over underground parking.
2395 Broadway at 88th Street, offers 1,450 s/f on the ground floor and is just steps from the 86th Street subway; 2519 Broadway at 94th Street is 2,300 s/f on the ground floor and; 2600 Broadway at 98th Street offers 1,350 s/f on the ground floor with 16-foot ceilings.
There will be ten floors of apartments, four levels of parking and a ground floor retail promenade along Aragon Avenue.
Contract notice: Rehabilitation of 181 multi-family housing restructuring pmr + 1 on the ground floor, and the creation of two units on the ground floor pmr inputs abcde street lalau and social rehabilitation center "abbey" lalau street "residence st roch" marquette-lez-lille .
The international gourmet bakery and restaurant took 2,500 s/f on the ground floor and 1,500 s/f on the lower level.