ground gained

See: headway
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It is at the stage now where even a resounding victory may not make concrete headway up the table, while a draw in the next match can be cruelly punished as ground gained is wrested away and the gap above is restored.
There was a counterattack spearheaded by the new German Afrika Korps, and the ground gained was lost (as were Greece and Crete).
Farmer and John Queen--and highlights the political strengths that enabled their victories (especially the ground gained through campaigns for better municipal services and labour rights); as well as the challenges posed by internal divisions on the political left and a united and effectively organized political opposition, backed by Winnipeg's business class.
Has there been any ground gained in the prevention of mass shootings?
A popular image of trench warfare of the First World War is of troops waiting idly behind the front lines, and periodically sent over the top into intense assaults on entrenched enemy positions, only to be cut down by machine gun fire and survivors driven back to the same trenches, with little or no ground gained despite massive loss of life.
The ground gained by the British Fourth Army by the end of the fighting of almost five months moved the British frontline to just a few miles further north-east of its original position.
ODOT's bridge report makes clear that the Legislature risks missing an opportunity - the ground gained as a result of the 2003 investment will be lost without a further commitment to bridge maintenance and repair.
No ground was gained but from a psychological point of view I think there's massive amounts of ground gained.
We risk losing all of the ground gained and then some, in terms of economic advancement and opportunity prior to the last couple of decades.
For his part, Barricelli was mostly able to maximize his own vision, though he's frustrated that the ground gained by him and his team including resident designer Michael Ganio, who supervised a renovation of the weather-worn outdoor stage, and longtime local costume guru B.
As it stands, the political ground gained this summer has been largely superficial.