ground gained

See: headway
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We can only hope that the ground gained during these celebrations also signals a continuing commitment among publishers to bringing this rich and influential repertory to light.
Neither set of forwards could quell the other (neither moving in unison) and as a result there were long spells in which the ball moved only across the field with no ground gained either way.
This book is exceptionally well written and contains along the way crisp summaries of the ground gained in the detailed exposition.
However, the ground gained off of the October '02 lows was all but erased during the ensuing pull-back which ended in early March of '03.
Building upon the positive ground gained on Thursday, the FTSE 100 Index closed 0.
In the last 10 minutes Redcar grew in confidence from ground gained with the boot following Sunderland's indiscretions in the ruck and a scrum inside the Sunderland 22 allowed back row Michael Wright the opportunity to score.
MONDAY A SUDDEN sell-off in Asia spread westwards as both the FTSE 100 Index andWall Street gave back ground gained over the last week.
Critics have been emboldened by ground gained recently in the fight to enforce the "any willing provider" law passed by the state Legislature in 1995, and some breaches have appeared around the edges of the impenetrable fortress of ABCBS and Health Advantage.
If the Sky Blues were disappointed at not being able to pull clear, imagine how Forest and Gillingham feel after finding out an away win had not led to any ground gained on those above them.
Alex McLeish's successor must be chosen wisely because we cannot risk giving up any of the ground gained under Walter Smith and then Big Red.
Scioscia not buying it: Given their positions in the standings, it would appear the Angels lost some of the ground gained to the Dodgers in the race for the affection of Southern California baseball fans.
The sectionals revealed that the actual ground gained was two and a half lengths.