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Modeling of vertical ground loop heat exchangers with variable convective resistance and tehrmal mass of the fluid.
1978) presented one of the relatively earlier studies that provides qualitative evidence to suggest that coupling a ground loop to a solar thermal collector and a storage tank could improve system performance and reduce initial costs of ground heat exchangers, and identifies the need for detailed ground heat transfer models.
Gaia Geothermal's Ground Loop Design software package is the leading software suite for designing geothermal heat pump and ground heat exchanger systems.
The Yavuzturk and Spitler (1999) model is a complete ground loop heat exchanger model, which includes details of the borehole, mathematically expressed via the steady-state borehole resistance.
The operation of the solar collector loop allows heat to be transferred to the ground loop for the thermal re-charge of the ground storage volume.
With typical design parameters available to a practitioner, the design method can be used to estimate the total ground loop length for stand-alone GHP systems, along with the quantity of annual energy required to balance the annual ground loads.
The operating temperature of the ground loop will rise above the local deep earth temperature in cooling and drop below this value in heating.
The study was designed to determine if long-term performance of a GSHP is stable in a severe cold climate and to thoroughly characterize its efficiency over multiple heating seasons by evaluating if thermal degradation of the ground loop field is a fundamental challenge for adoption of the technology in cold climates and examining the significance of practical and affordable ground surface treatments to maximize energy capture in the ground.
2002; Beier and Smith 2002), the temperature of the circulating fluid in the ground loop is approximated by
In the summer, the process is reversed; heat is extracted from air inside the house and transferred to the earth by way of ground loop piping.
OTCBB:DMES), Austin, Texas, has announced the addition of traditional ground loop geothermal installations as an added benefit to its business scope.
The resulting data can be mistakenly attributed to a bad conductor, a damaged specimen, an electrical ground loop, a low critical current, or specimen motion in the background magnetic field.