ground plan

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The ground plans of singular municipalities, containing the information about future potential or current utilisation of mineral deposits, are also contained in the inputs of this concept.
Its ground plan is a dodecahedron made of concrete which changes as it ascends to a slatted hexagon of steel and timber, similar in construction to the helmets over the home classrooms of the junior school, and reminiscent of Renzo Piano's cultural centre in New Caledonia (AR December 1998).
If this structure was meant to give coherence to a bulky ground plan, it actually worked in reverse--you didn't know where you were, as one quart ier dissolved into another.
A ground plan for the farm survives from 1734, when it was called Lodge Farm.
There aren't any pitches in the vicinity of the scheduled ground plan in Stanley Park, and surely Liverpool FC requires a modern-day stadium with its up-to-date facilities.
The school is taking part in a Welsh heritage award scheme and they have abook about the castle with an artist's impression and a ground plan of it.
Pistoletto's "segno arte," his farfalle-shaped "art sign," served as ground plan for a maze of interconnected wire-mesh chambers; into these were fitted colorful, smartly finished, bow tie--shaped fabrications of everyday objects (a Ping-Pong table, a desk, twin beds, doors).
The ground plan (which embodies in the angularity of the plot line traces of the Star of David) allows an internal sequential route for visitors.
Just as a lot of Rothkos look like solemn Spanish old master paintings with the figures sanded off, some of Khedoori's works resemble blueprints of familiar predecessors - her Untitled (railing), 1996, for example, suggests Delacroix's Raft of the Medusa reduced to a ground plan rendered with a T square.
This refers to their ground plan, their spatial order and the geometry of their individual sections.
5 and 6 of the tender dossier are the ground plan i and ii.