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Specifically, measure emissions at the same distance from the grounding surface, preferably at 1/2" in all locations.
All ground wires in the facility were connected to the copper grounding plates in the underfab.
But safety-code representatives emphasized that to maintain protection against fires and electrocution -- the reason for electrical grounding in the first place -- such a current-interrupting insulator must be placed more than 10 feet outside the point at which the pipes enter a building, recalls Donald Cushman, who directs EMF programs for Rochester (N.
So for safety purposes, electric utilities periodically establish grounding paths to the primary system's neutral wire -- at each transformer, for instance.
Andrew Compact SureGround Grounding Kits meet MIL-STD-188-124A "Military Standard for Grounding, Bonding and Shielding" requirement of a maximum dc resistance of 0.
Now install the remaining 3-ft grounding wire between the #2 and #1 floodlight.
The patent covers an electrical circuit that provides localized high frequency grounding on high frequency circuits.
The surface wire grounding kit (SWGK) MK-2551A/U, NSN 5820-01-263-1760, is a good way to get an electrical ground in some situations, but not in others.
Effective grounding of the 60-KW generator starts with the ground rod.