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Prior to Friday's US move, Peskov has repeatedly called all allegations concerning Moscow's alleged meddling in the US' internal affairs, especially in the 2016 presidential election groundless.
As it stands, the visit to Prishtina is groundless," Mehmeti said.
Intellectual Property Minister Baroness Neville-Rolfe said: We are improving protection against the groundless threats of intellectual property infringement that small businesses can face.
DXBMediaOffice asserts that recent rumors on social media platforms about engagement of Dubai Crown Prince @HamdanMohammed is groundless,"Ceread the tweet.
In addition, the minister called groundless the Control Chamber's accusations of inefficient programs of SME finance.
Any jurisprudence to consider 1960 poll law as valid is groundless," MP Moussawi said, elaborating that said law texts are clear that law will be adopted once and then becomes invalid.
Such a thinking is ultimately groundless, or rather, must ultimately found itself in a groundless ground, hence the title to Braver's study and the focus of chapter five.
Replying to AA's questions on Tuesday, Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Selcuk Unal said that British The Times newspaper claimed that Turkey turned a blind eye to Syrian regime's using Turkey as a route to obtain weapons, and those claims were groundless.
Tweed issued a statement through his solicitor, Philip Smith, which read: "I'm relieved that the jury have taken amatter of minutes to see through these scurrilous and completely groundless allegations.
Google s statement from January 12 is groundless, and we are firmly opposed to it," Qin told a regular news briefing in the Chinese capital, when asked if there had been any development in a dispute that is now more than a month old.
Shirakawa said that while being overly optimistic is risky, groundless pessimism would also not work for Japan.
The Ministry of Defence had previously opposed a public inquiry into these allegations, arguing that an investigation by the Royal Military Police (RMP) had concluded that the claims of torture and murder were groundless, but despite Bill Rammell, the Armed Forces Minister, insisting there is no evidence of abuse, the High Court has condemned the investigation by the RMP as "not thorough and proficient".