groundless rumor

See: hearsay
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Many reports repeat the groundless rumor that Hyon is an ex-girlfriend of the North Korean leader.
Reports on the departure of Meshaal from Qatar are just a groundless rumor that aims to make Doha abandon its positions towards the Palestinian cause and the brotherly people of Palestine.
The Crisis Response Unit has been in an open meeting, since Thursday, in reaction to a groundless rumor reported by some media and websites on the execution of the two journalists abducted by a branch of Deash.
It is a groundless rumor and the statue will stay there," Xinhua quoted Hankou Bund Park administrator Hu Zhijun, as saying.
However, fish retailers stated that what is said about the high fish prices are groundless rumors and there is no real public boycott at the central fish market in Qatif as the movement of buying and selling is normal.
We will take every measure necessary against those who are being manipulative through the use of groundless rumors," said Euzince.
Groundless rumors caused many survivors to suffer in marriage, employment, childbirth -- at every stage of life.
The Independent in an article by renowned journalist Robert Fisk wrote that it is for over a week that the US, the UK and France have once again engaged in spreading the groundless rumors about the possibility that the Syrian government might use chemical weapons against the armed rebels.
As social and political situation shows, some citizens have fears regarding stability in Osh during the local council elections and these fears are mainly built upon groundless rumors, Vice Interior Minister in the south of Kyrgyzstan Kursan Asanov told journalists today.
The group, including the Ibaraki Travel Agents Association and the prefectural Association of Confectionery Manufacturers, said the number of tourists and related income decreased due what it said were groundless rumors in the wake of the continuing nuclear crisis at TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi power plant.
That, however, does not excuse the groundless rumors also spread through social media.
Several groundless rumors about European fiscal issues are spreading in the market, discouraging investors from buying the euro actively,'' said Hideaki Inoue, a senior foreign exchange dealer at Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corp.