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By the racist logic that permeates the settler-colonial project in Australia, for settlers to face Indigenous peoples would be to face the groundlessness of their own sovereignty, which is in turn founded on the repudiation of those aspects of childhood that are most associated with the "primitive." In Enlightenment terms, primitive childhood embodies "an immaturity associated with reliance on external agencies of knowledge and action" (Faulkner 1).
In Feminism and the Abyss of Freedom, Linda Zerilli draws extensively on the thinking of both Kant and Arendt in order to propose a feminist politics that embraces ontological groundlessness as its very purchase on both feminism and the political.
Against this temptation of transcendence, Gourgouris posits the finitude, groundlessness, and inherent incompleteness of secular criticism.
Little by little globalization has transformed all into the ironic groundlessness of the spectacle and the aura of the phantasm; is the possibility of a true language for democracy vanishing?
repeat the founding moment of the representational order itself at which the groundlessness of the world was exposed and to consider the structural principle by which conduct can be conducted....Is there a mode of relating that can generate stability sufficient to sustain sense, subjects, and objects, yet one that functions with recognition of its inherent contingency and void such that it does not depend upon the materialization of the exclusion?
public trial will prove the groundlessness of the decision to increase the tariffs.
The characteristics of existential suffering include experiencing a state of groundlessness or being "shaken to the core" (Bruce, Schreiber, Petrovskaya, & Boston, 2011).
Federico Lombardi said he "never doubted this would be the response [of the court], given the total groundlessness of the accusation," according to Religion News Service.
By disclosing the an-archic substructure of thought, Godwin likewise exposes the groundlessness of an Enlightenment subjectivity predicated on the freedom of the (rational) will.
But Oppen's line is enjambed, and "sky" paradoxically doses the open, as if the concrete "sky" had come to rescue the poet-bird from an otherwise terrifying flight into the nothingness at line's end, a flight perhaps inspiring what Oppen would refer to as "metaphysical vertigo." "Sky," as a noun, a finite thing, marks an encounter with matter, a material refuge from the groundlessness of being--"the open"--that otherwise eludes ordinary representations: "the absolutely incomprehensible." In this way, "sky" may be strangely kin to "stone," and an equivalent for "the iron itself," which will replace "sky" in the poem's figural encounter with finitude, only to be displaced again by "the grip / Of the Roman hand."
They further chided Ampatuan's lawyer saying, "Why counsel for accused-movant (Ampatuan) failed to attach, let alone secure certification on the supposed ailments of the latter, from medical doctors and health workers at the BJMP (Bureau of Jail Management and Penology) medical facility/infirmary who could have readily examined accused-movant sadly speaks of both the ineptness of the counsel and the groundlessness of the assertions made."
Schelling interprets melancholy as a vestige of the abysmal groundlessness of God, and insists on a living God whose revelation is the act of a free being.