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The groundlessness of aesthetic judgment (insofar as it is not grounded on a concept or on any private interest) offers a powerful model to political life precisely because politics is too often conducted on the basis of doing what we already know (how to do).
By disclosing the an-archic substructure of thought, Godwin likewise exposes the groundlessness of an Enlightenment subjectivity predicated on the freedom of the (rational) will.
They further chided Ampatuan's lawyer saying, "Why counsel for accused-movant (Ampatuan) failed to attach, let alone secure certification on the supposed ailments of the latter, from medical doctors and health workers at the BJMP (Bureau of Jail Management and Penology) medical facility/infirmary who could have readily examined accused-movant sadly speaks of both the ineptness of the counsel and the groundlessness of the assertions made.
Schelling interprets melancholy as a vestige of the abysmal groundlessness of God, and insists on a living God whose revelation is the act of a free being.
The dichotomy's very groundlessness has allowed it to migrate within the human, to define as bestial certain slaves, colonials, women, and criminals.
Angst reveals that Dasein has some sense of the groundlessness of its own existence.
That the limit of the human should be abyssal identifies the human as one among a multiplicity of limits all of which are enclosed within and modulated by a kind of ontological groundlessness.
It is this 'perpetual reversal' or 'oscillation', in which points of solidity become points of groundlessness, and vice versa, which Miller asserts as the central motif of uncanny criticism (p9, p18).
Turning toward the intensity of life and welcoming it not only gives you a direct experience of impermanence and death and selflessness, it also gives you an appreciation for the groundlessness of life, for life as it really is," she writes.
But the power of Uranus - the planet of originality, innovation and hasty behaviors - gives him a certain groundlessness that contributes to his reputation as a flip-flopper.
Witness to lost innocence at the wasted edge of American optimism, Testify tracks living within the vacuum of empire as it gives way to a shattering realization of the groundlessness and implication of collective experience.