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We have the one of the largest poultry investment too, we intend to use the groundnut cake and the soybean we are going to produce for the purpose of poultry feeding.
Effects of intercropping with groundnut, bacterial strains and inorganic fertilizers on Striga incidence and sorghum growth:
Pal and Mazumdar (2015) employed monomolecular and logistic non-linear growth models for forecasting groundnut production during the period 1950-1951 and 2011-2012.
The oil content of iron treated groundnut seeds increases for low concentration of iron (up to 100 mg/kg) applied to soil.
In a letter issued to Prime Minister Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, President KCCI pointed out that the Department of Plant Protection has stopped issuing Import Permit, which resulted in completely halting the import of groundnuts and also caused severe shortages in the local markets.
The eight burrow systems excavated in mature groundnut crops in November 2010 were mostly in the low lying parts of the fields with higher soil moisture content and better crop cover.
Add1 tbsp of the groundnut oil and, when it is very hot and slightly smoking, add the chicken shreds.
The man now set up an oil extraction plant and bought up the entire groundnut in the region, and he sold, the oil which was another source of great income.
PSO Groundnut, Nazakat Nawaz was also given certificate and cash award of Rs.
With regard to groundnuts, the farmers want the MSP to be hiked to ` 1,100 from the existing ` 850.
In present study, the groundnut media have been further tested for their efficacy as a culture medium and their utility to study other tests like motility and antibiotic sensitivity, and also as a medium for maintenance of stock cultures.