grounds for complaint

See: grievance
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The main achievement of the amendment was that it reduced the number of grounds for complaint from seven to four.
A If the trees are not on their land, your brother and his wife have no grounds for complaint.
Despicable fakers make it much more difficult for those who have genuine grounds for complaint.
But Lady Justice Sharp, sitting with Mr Justice Openshaw and Judge Jeffrey Pegden QC, said he had no grounds for complaint.
Froch also seemed to be in favour of a rematch but he insisted Groves had no grounds for complaint over the ref's decision.
A CITIZENS Advice analysis of 665 payday loan cases recently concluded that at least 76 per cent could contain grounds for complaint to the Financial Ombudsman.
Anyone who took out such a loan after November 22, 2012, but feels they were misled, misinformed or mistreated can complete a fiveminute online questionnaire (paper versions are available) and if they have grounds for complaint, such a complaint will automatically be generated and sent to Citizens Advice Central Office.
The West Ham defender and several of his team-mates appeared exasperated by the decision, but replays suggested the 29-year-old had few grounds for complaint.
Ward councillors Christopher Weaver, Sarah Merry and Sam Knight say the residents' quality of life will be harmed by the "unacceptable noise nuisance", and Coun Elizabeth Clark says the noise disturbance the deliveries cause is well above the 10 decibel level deemed grounds for complaint.
My book, Stories About Storytellers: Publishing Alice Munro, Robertson Davies, Alistair MacLeod, Pierre Trudeau and Others was so thoughtfully reviewed by John Bums that only a graceless ingrate could find any grounds for complaint.
Rather than simply levy an extra penalty for a "frivolous" appeal, Uefa would launch a counter-appeal if they felt the FA had no grounds for complaint.
If there are grounds for complaint then the ticket is withdrawn.