grounds for complaint

See: grievance
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His critics may have no grounds for complaint over his outfield selection as he has shown himself the master of squad rotation, but his choice of goalkeeper was not only scandalous, but the real reason they were humiliated.
"I hope the county board and whoever is responsible for naming me has bloody good grounds for complaint.
Identification errors and misleading information are again the most common grounds for complaint
A number of complaints over the campaign literature have been made to Newcastle City Council, but Mr Darwin believes there are "no grounds for complaint", saying: "What they are stating is completely false, stating that I have jumped on a bandwagon for their campaign.
The grounds for complaint may include, but shall not be limited to:
Gretna 2008 had real grounds for complaint when they arrived at Alloa for their clash with BSC Glasgow only to find they were to change in a public leisure centre.
The main achievement of the amendment was that it reduced the number of grounds for complaint from seven to four.
A If the trees are not on their land, your brother and his wife have no grounds for complaint. No-one has a right to a view.
Despicable fakers make it much more difficult for those who have genuine grounds for complaint.
But Lady Justice Sharp, sitting with Mr Justice Openshaw and Judge Jeffrey Pegden QC, said he had no grounds for complaint.
Froch also seemed to be in favour of a rematch but he insisted Groves had no grounds for complaint over the ref's decision.
A CITIZENS Advice analysis of 665 payday loan cases recently concluded that at least 76 per cent could contain grounds for complaint to the Financial Ombudsman.