group feeling

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The FTSE 100 Index was down 70.79 points to 6044.97, with Lloyds Banking Group feeling the full force of the sell-off, sliding more than 4 per cent or 2.8p to 64.2p.
The mirth filled evening raised pounds 354 while a later fun day was also a massive success with the group feeling quite overwhelmed by the response.
But I wasn't really aware of any group feeling. It was a pretty competitive time.
That theme is the rise and decline of "group feeling".
Group feeling is a sense of solidarity and shared identity among people that, as Ibn Khaldun is careful to say in numerous passages, derives its strength more from a long history of companionship and joint efforts than from genealogies based on blood ties.
When hope and the thing it stimulates are gone through apathy, and group feeling has disappeared under the impact of defeat, civilization decreases.
Community Safety Minister Denham added: "She might be out of step because no one has conveyed group feelings to her?" An SNP spokesman said: "The SNP supports trans rights and women's rights."
We reflected later that American groups we had worked with moved into the tasks much more quickly, with less time spent on the process and less concern for group feelings. We learned that to be an effective leader with Japanese participants, we needed to be patient, avoid pushing for a decision, and appreciate the process.

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