group of delegates

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CAREFUL: A group of delegates are instructed on working on and getting in and getting out of large vehicles (AC260608Esafe)
She was part of a group of delegates who visited Italy, France, Monaco and Malta as a student ambassador from the United States and India.
A different group of delegates visited the mosque on Monday for lunch before heading off to Bradford and Glasgow.
The seventh group of delegates from DCE will be undertaking this course this month.
Each group of delegates was asked to come up with a "platform," describing what they would accomplish in their dries, and then campaign in front of the other delegates
Another group of delegates will spend a day at LogicaCMG's new facilities at Bridgend.
The diverse group of delegates that included members of Congress and the nation's leading experts on retirement savings, were charged with developing new action plans to help Americans achieve retirement security.
A group of delegates supported the creation of a parliamentary committee for human rights in the Shura Council, which would support the implementation of key human rights precepts.
Graham Edwards, chief executive of the East Birmingham and North Solihull Regeneration Zone, was part of a group of delegates who visited the pounds 2 million facility in Newtown Shopping Centre, which is aimed at slashing unemployment and boosting the lives of residents in Newtown, Aston and Lozells.
This group of delegates has decided to meet monthly to help one another with recruitment and campaign events.
These are just some of the hats elected officials wear, according to a group of delegates at the Congressional City Conference.

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