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The deputy said that already now a group of deputies, headed by the State Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin , introduced a bill that, in fact, is the first step on the road to the abandonment of shared construction and to the project financing of housing construction.
A group of deputies had filed a legal challenge with the Provisional Constitutional Review Authority last July 19 against certain articles of the organic law relating to the provisions governing independent constitutional bodies.
We, as the CHP Party Assembly, deem such operations that target the freedom of expression and independence of the judiciary -- and that can take place only in non-democratic regimes -- to be unlawful, unacceptable and extremely dangerous," the CHP statement, read out by a group of deputies at the Parliament, said.
Washington / NINA /-- A group of deputies of Democratic and Republican parties in the House of Representatives called on Thursday a proposal that President Obama withdraw US troops from Iraq within few months or before the end of 2015.
NNA - Jumblatt's recent tweet suggesting a change in Taef, risks keeping Hizbullah's weapons, Future Bloc House deputy Ahmad Fatfat, told a group of deputies and Mustaqbal Mukhtars (headmen), he'd met in Seer ad-Dinniyyeh today.
Labour TD Ciaran Lynch is expected to head the group of deputies who will have to go through a bias test before taking their positions.
Austria will be assistant coach of Petron Blaze while Boycie will be among head coach Alfrancis Chua's group of deputies at Ginebra that include Koy Banal, Ato Agustin and Jorge Gallent.
He added that the group of deputies of "Ata Meken" faction should ask themselves what useful things their representatives made while in the government.
On Tuesday the House Commerce committee discussed a bill, prepared by a group of deputies headed by DISY's Averof Neophytou, which would give a committee consisting of state officials the authority to evaluate applications and conduct negotiations for the granting of exploration licences and decide the opening up of more plots in the Economic Exclusion Zone.
They also met Il'yas Umakhanov Vice Chairman of the Federation Council (Upper House) and a group of Deputies from the Federation Council.
Furthermore, a group of deputies asserted national unity is not slogans or
Turkey's President Abdullah Gul, who is the first ever Turkish President visiting South Korea after 28 years, arrived in capital Seoul accompanied by Turkish State Minister Hayati Yazici, Energy Minister Taner Yildiz, a group of deputies and businessmen as well as 6 Korean War veterans.

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