group of jurors

See: panel
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When the group of jurors to which I was assigned met for organization, Mr.
The industry experts group of jurors selected the winners of the twelve basic categories in addition to the top prize, "Ruedas ESPN Car of the Year".
The nominees were selected by a group of jurors including actress Gemma Arterton, deputy chair of Bafta's film committee Pippa Harris and film critic Mark Kermode.
Detlev von Platen, president and CEO of Porsche Cars North America, said, 'We are honored that the 2012 Porsche 911 Carrera S was chosen by this distinguished group of jurors as the 2012 World Performance Car.
The author's contention is that the capital jury deliberation process, how a group of jurors functions in the deliberating room, can lead to a better understanding of how that most important decision--death or life imprisonment--is made.
During the itinerary yesterday, the group of jurors were also shown the route Hoolichan describes carrying Jack and the location he claims to have left him.
A different kind of war is waged in "Twelve Angry Men," Reginald Rose's behind-the-scenes drama about a group of jurors deciding the fate of a boy accused of killing his father.
The reality is a much larger group of jurors than normal is subjected to written questions and whittled down in two stages.
The judge also heard pre-trial motions from each of the attorneys before calling in the first group of jurors.
An effort was made to achieve a representative group of jurors within each content area; however, priority was placed on expertise in the content and knowledge of related research.
When I gave a group of jurors last week the news that they could go because they would not be needed, they were plainly disappointed.
Before the advent of the Internet, it would have been impractical to try to organize a focus group of jurors who matched the hypothetical ideal-juror profile for a case.

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