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Though, a majority of the medical and dental colleges in Pakistan depend upon lecturing to a large group of students to convey knowledge17, but small group teaching is adopted in all the Medical schools of USA and Europe18.
Small group teaching is beneficial in transferring analytical, communication and presentation skills.
Some important methods of small group teaching and learning are tutorials, seminars, workshops, problem-based learning (PBL), team-based learning (TBL) and tutoring (self-help group).
This study also indicates that the students were more satisfied with small group teaching with spilt timings for discussions and question answer sessions.
The paper first presents a review of literature on the importance of play to children's development, then considers the role of play and group teaching in Chinese kindergartens, and then discusses findings from a large observational study that has examined the implementation of both free play and group teaching in 178 randomly selected Chinese kindergarten classrooms and their correlations/ contributions to children's development.
Due to the layout, the book feels like a group teaching tool primarily targeted at young men and fathers.
They discuss the pedagogical challenges of large group teaching, including online environments and the use of prediction markets; dynamic learning environments, such as the case study approach, assessment, leadership simulation, and inquiry-based learning; critical thinking, problem-solving, action-based learning, and inquiry-based feedback; and ethical citizenship, including social entrepreneurship, live projects, and corporate social responsibility.
The main characteristics of small group teaching are active involvement of the learners in entire learning cycle and well defined task orientation with achievable specific aims and objectives in a given time period.
The courses usually emphasise participatory classroom styles, with intense and in-depth study of subject matter, the use of primary source material, team or group teaching, an interdisciplinary theme and an element of independent study.
Group Teaching Sequence Pre-test Mean (SD) 1 (n=33) Explanation [right arrow] Visualisation 4.21 (1.673) 2 (n=43) Visualisation [right arrow] Explanation 4.19 (1.930) Total (n=76) 4.20 (1.811) A comparison of the students conceptual learning--expressed as the increase in correct questions out of twelve between the pretest and posttest A (after the first session of instruction)--offers an opportunity to explore the question of whether learning with visualisations is more effective than teacher explanations.
The leading international trainer for Developmental Baby Massage with over 35 years of group teaching experience and 14,000 teachers worldwide.