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Talk with your therapist about the kind of group therapy she recommends for you.
Given the advantages of group therapy, some studies specifically seek to understand if a combined modality of individual and group therapy would increase the probability of success of treatment programs.
Despite the suggestion that group therapy can be an effective intervention in the South African context, several researchers have noted the paucity of the literature concerned with group therapy in the South African context (Mundell et al., 2011; Nel, Rich, & Joubert, 2007; Spedding et al., 2014).
Group therapy in the area of the voice can be considered as a means of facilitating the exchange of experiences between individuals, who often identify with each other's problems because they have similar alterations or pathologies [15].
Studies that have looked at group therapy for medical patients have produced startling results.
Due to the lack of research evidence in this domain in our country, the present study was conducted to investigate the efficiency of spiritual group therapy in enhancing patients' well-being and spiritual health.
Polusny of the Minneapolis VA Medical Center and her associates randomly assigned 116 veterans with PTSD to one of two treatment groups: 58 to mindfulness-based stress reduction therapy (MBSR) and 58 to patient-centered group therapy (PCT), each delivered in nine weekly group sessions (JAMA.
Group therapy sessions for cancer patients are also to be offered to help sufferers exchange experiences, which will help them deal with the psychological effects of diagnosis.
GROUP THERAPY WORKS when group members open up, give each other feedback, and become devoted to helping one another to heal and to grow.
The second parr of the book outlines two models of treatment: Time-Limited Short-Term Interpretive Group Therapy and Time-Limited Short-Term Supportive Group Therapy.