group together

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In all weathers, fair or foul, calm or windy, we were every one on deck, walking up and down in pairs, lying in the boats, leaning over the side, or chatting in a lazy group together.
In 1337 Edward had begun the terrible though often-interrupted series of campaigns in France which historians group together as the Hundred Tears' War, and having won the battle of Crecy against amazing odds, he had inaugurated at his court a period of splendor and luxury.
from Yoram Muszkat & Law Firm group together with BARLEV Investigate Auditing and Y.
Unfortunately, there have been years when we only had two or three arrows that would actually group together.
Fiat Canoski presented option to form a special MP group together with his MPs hat will act as an opposition, denying speculations that he would cross over to VMRO-DPMNE.
It's important to try to group together to compete with bigger companies web traffic, because being easy and accessible can only benefit us.
Allowing up to 15 simultaneous groups to operate on 15 user group channels and a separate "All Call" channel, the user-friendly PortaCom Pro can bring any size group together for priority calls.
The folktales are organized into 4 cds, which group together stories pertaining to animal tales; tales of the real, extravagant, and fanciful; tales of the supernatural; and slave tales of freedom.
A bond forms out of adversity--being judged, graded and critiqued does draw the group together.
A data lifecycle management solution should have the intelligence to automatically group together certain file types, such as image files (i.