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Group F: Inter v Slavia Praha (18:55 CET), Dortmund v Barcelona
The traditional didactic curriculum dominated by the large group lecture has a long tradition in medical education (Ludmerer, 1999).
The treatment groups did not differ with regard to demographics, surgical procedure, or anesthetic administered.
Kronish Lieb Weiner & Hellman LLP today announced the formation of a new practice, the Structured Real Estate Investments Group.
AIDS Treatment News has created three groups so far; you can use any of them.
The foundation of the summer camp is the group. Throughout the summer, in addition to the attention we give to the individual camper, our focus is continually on the various group configurations.
belong to the Ruralpolitan or Active Seniors groups. Although significant in terms of total number of farmers represented, this group does not represent a large proportion of the value of farm production.
This handbook fills an important gap in the literature on social work with groups. It will be useful to academics who are interested in reconceptualizing social work with groups.
The group facilitators provided a nurturing and safe place within the school so that the seven group participants could explore who they were, both individually and collectively, as young African American women.
Even in an ideal situation, it is impossible to have all groups represented at the beginning stages.
In developing a life skills intervention for adolescents participating in a collaborative project between a university research team and an urban Indian clinic, several groups of adolescents were invited to participate in focus groups to discuss various aspects of outreach and intervention.