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Sir Colin Marshall, chairman of British Airways, credits groupware for the development of a strategic decision-making tool that is now widely used throughout his company.
Although groupware can apply to small or large groups, it's probably most useful for 10 to 30 participants.
Our unique and patented groupware platform and our long working history with various government agencies gave us a distinct advantage.
The system was developed in collaboration with Peter Rothstein of the Lotus Institute and is based on the Notes groupware platform.
In fact, Gerstner and many industry analysts believe that groupware is the next big business application that will change the way companies do business--much in the same fashion that Microsoft changed the business and home computer markets with MS-DOS and Windows.
NEOJAPAN brings to the table a premiere groupware product, an esteemed customer base, and outstanding training and consulting capabilities.
This press release contains forward-looking statements, including statements relating to the success of OneBridge Mobile Groupware and the Company's ongoing relationship with British Airways.
New third-party products from ISVs or open source projects can be plugged-in into Open-Xchange easily without touching the core groupware engine.
1, we continue to improve the integration of Click to Meet rich media communications technology with groupware and messaging environments," commented Duncan Campbell, vice president of marketing for First Virtual Communications.
The report comparing Microsoft solutions and open source alternatives in the desktop office area and for groupware systems shows you significant saving potentials through the deployment of alternative software for different company sizes (small, medium, large and global companies).
Bynari, the Dallas-based Linux groupware software company, and Broadleaf Services, a Boston-based provider of managed business data continuity platforms have announced a partnership that will provide the small to mid-sized business market with an appliance-based groupware service.
The combination of OneBridge Mobile Groupware and Treo 600 provides a powerful wireless voice and data system.