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* Los programadores de software enfocan sus productos hacia algun aspecto relacionado con el groupware.
By offering the popular groupware package as SaaS, Fujitsu is seeking to further expand the use of its public cloud service.
The two approaches were both equipped with a shared display groupware which involves a shared computer and a shared display.
In addition, GroupWare's ePDF Server enables GBS customers to convert the entire contents of IBM Lotus Notes and Domino applications to a permanent and secure archive in PDF or PDF/A format.
Secure ICT Groupware provides a secure SaaS platform with a fast, intuitive interface to support collaborative activities, such as scheduling, facility bookings, employee data address books and visitor management.
Commercial groupware such as the suite from 37Signals LLC shows what is possible.
Although groupware technology can improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness, many implementations have not met expectations (Nunamaker, 1997).
Launched in August 2004, OX now ranks #7 out of 334 groupware projects on freshmeat.net web site, #4 in handhelds, and overall #278 out of 47,163 listed projects.
E-mail, groupware and fax software publisher, Alt-N Technologies, has announced the launch of the latest version of its MDaemon e-mail product - MDaemon 8.0.
Over the last 7 years or so, the e-mail server industry has moved beyond basic e-mail to a more powerful product category called groupware. As the name implies, groupware facilitates collaboration within an organization through e-mail, calendaring, contacts, project management, and scheduling capabilities: It's about information sharing.
PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne 8.11 PIM Sync provides server-to-server synchronization of contacts, calendar entries and tasks between EnterpriseOne 8.11 and Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino groupware. PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne Mobile Sales powered by Intellisync integrates with the Sales Force Automation and Sales Order Entry modules of the EnterpriseOne CRM family, enabling salespeople to place orders and to access contacts, leads, opportunities, forecasts and tasks while away from the office.
CommuniGate Pro offers a wide range of functionality from groupware features to real-time communications such as secure IM, VoIP, video conferencing, whiteboarding, desktop and application sharing using any client based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) via the built-in SIP server.