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We have the high-level database and datacenter infrastructure expertise to help customers realize significantly improved database storage performance and increased manageability in large scale data warehousing applications," said Mike Thompson, CEO and president of Groupware.
A recent study conducted by the Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA and Arthur Andersen Business Consulting found that a majority of 1,500 groupware users surveyed tap into the system primarily to use e-mail.
Microsoft is developing Exchange, a groupware application that it believes will cut into Lotus Notes' market share soon after its release.
Some groupware systems display overall results (averages), scatter graphs of individual responses, diversity among responses (graphic presentation of variance) and comparisons of subgroup responses.
Through its subsidiaries, the Company provides Voice Over Internet ("VOIP") telephone services, office automation, wireless broadband, unified messaging, hosted groupware and communications, mobility services and other advanced voice and data services in China where the Company has obtained full legal status as a licensed telecommunications company with the ability to offer products throughout China.
A key feature of the learning-to-learn groupware is that a large group of managers is exposed to organizational concepts, which are put into practice by submitting cases [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2 OMITTED].
NEOJAPAN's flagship Groupware product, desknet's, improves your cooperative work.
Groupware has installed a bike rack for bicycle commuting, and offers a transportation reimbursement program to encourage employees to use public transportation.
First-time analysis of office products (including the relevant server infrastructure in office networks) and groupware systems.
Groupware chose its office location in downtown Boise for its central location and proximity to its technology partners, including Sun Microsystems and NetApp.
Bynari, the Dallas-based Linux groupware software company, and Broadleaf Services, a Boston-based provider of managed business data continuity platforms have announced a partnership that will provide the small to mid-sized business market with an appliance-based groupware service.
With the EMAP partnership in place, Groupware can reduce shipment times of Sun products and services with preferred access to Sun inventory.