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We've teamed up with Sports Book of the Month and have three copies of Grovel! to give away.
Whether or not this makes me "an absurd monarchist" (Letters, July 20), I can assure Keith Parry that, as a Welshman born and bred, I was never taught to "grovel" to anyone.
IF one drives around Gresham, and does a simple comparison, of boarded up properties, with say Grovel Hill, Pally Park, Brambles, and lot younger etceteras, many houses of which are no more than 50 years old???
Some in Ashley's camp hinted the former England manager would have to "grovel" to save his job.
In view of the situation that now reigns in Hollywood, as you so aptly describe it, The Passion is far above and beyond the values espoused by the personages who grovel in Hollywood.
He wants to argue that the duel was an aristocratic ritual that proved irresistible to bourgeois arrivistes, who were consequently weaned from the humane and rational values of their class to grovel before the brutal Standesehre of jack-booted Junkers.
But the mass grovel at his stepping down is stomach-churning.
The senator came forward several times publicly to confess his "sins," to grovel, and to beg forgiveness, but his assailants, unappeased, each time renewed the assaults.