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When the 15,000- to 18,000-plant crop grows to maturity in three years, the entire yew plant will be harvested, roots and all, ground up and shipped off to an extraction plant to withdraw the chemicals.
6 million lb but will grow only around 3%/yr, as the products packaged with overwrap are generally low-growth items.
Why Economies Grow never directly challenges this economic canon.
The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage (Times Books, Ran-House, 1999) ordains that "The newer usage of grow to mean expand (grow the business; grow revenue) is business jargon, best resisted.
Japanese rubber consumption should grow faster in 1998 than in 1997.
The idea was to grow enough skin in the lab so Emerson could receive a transplant of his own skin.
If leadership wants the company to grow," he says, "it must lay the foundation by changing its measurement systems.
Moreover, District employment in financial services has continued to grow during the recovery, in contrast to a decline in the nation.
For example, leisure and service sector businesses have seen their influence grow and the range of the winning companies over the years - from nurseries to truck part makers - shows the rich variety of business in the North East and how a wide spectrum of companies can and do succeed here.
April 11 is the last day you can buy a Northern Ontario Grow Bond.