grow aware

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White Fang himself began to grow aware of it, though in his consciousness he knew not what love was.
Merai urged women to grow aware of their role as "active citizens able to provide new solutions to enhance security in their country.
This is all causing further discomfort to the policymakers in Yemen, as they grow aware of the unexpected groundswell that the Houthis generated.
The Tunisian Association of Economists (ASECTU) called on all political forces, social partners and civil society to take responsibility and grow aware of the seriousness of the current economic situation and the future of the country.
Special focus was also placed on the main theme to encourage people to be eco-friendly eaters and grow aware of the negative impact of food waste.
Dimitrov said that miners and metallurgy workers wanted Energy and Economy Minister Delyan Dobrev to resist "eco racketeers" and to grow aware of the fact that the entire industry wanted a national strategy for its development
The aim is simply that they shall grow aware of one another, understand one another, and, even where they may not be able to love, may at least tolerate one another.
Driving across desert terrain for several days in a beat-up VW van, Jason (Drew Wood) and Porp (Jason Herman), two scruffy-but-model-cute collegiate types, grow aware of a sexual attraction neither can quite admit.