grow larger

References in classic literature ?
`So I travelled, stopping ever and again, in great strides of a thousand years or more, drawn on by the mystery of the earth's fate, watching with a strange fascination the sun grow larger and duller in the westward sky, and the life of the old earth ebb away.
I saw this grow larger. For a minute perhaps I stared aghast at this blackness that was creeping over the day, and then I realized that an eclipse was beginning.
The woman started off with two children, but it was clear that her family might grow larger on the journey.
Adam was looking at Hetty, and saw the frown, and pout, and the dark eyes seeming to grow larger with pettish half-gathered tears.
`Well, I'll eat it,' said Alice, `and if it makes me grow larger, I can reach the key; and if it makes me grow smaller, I can creep under the door; so either way I'll get into the garden, and I don't care which happens!'
The school was small as public schools go, there were not more than two hundred boarders; and it was difficult for it to grow larger, for it was huddled up against the Cathedral; the precincts, with the exception of a house in which some of the masters lodged, were occupied by the cathedral clergy; and there was no more room for building.
As I watched, the planet seemed to grow larger and smaller and to advance and recede, but that was simply that my eye was tired.
As we grow larger commercial accounts we will be able to match our growing demand that saw over 30,000 driver leads last month and is projected to grow substantially in the future."
This is one of the few industries where inventory becomes more valuable of time, as trees grow larger and the price increases!
This sophisticated communications product is well-suited for IEC's core expertise, and we are also encouraged by the prospect that this program could grow larger.
Over time, pus forms inside the boil, causing it to grow larger and become more painful.
The clumps will grow larger from season to season and will last for many years.