grow less

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Full soon his property took wings: And daily, as each treasure went, He sighed to find the state of things Grow less and less convenient.
The anxious mother had to console herself with the fact that her daughter drove away the ineligible as ruthlessly as the eligible, formed no unworldly attachments, was still very young, and would grow less coy as she advanced in years and in what Mrs.
Then she placed beside him a loaf, and some meat, and a flask of wine, of such a kind, that however much he took of them, they would never grow less.
Columnar apple trees grow less than 3m tall by 60cm wide.
The current budget ends up helping us grow less than 0.
An analysis of data on 200,000 subjects from 83 countries, along with data on 1,200 Americans, revealed that as people age, they tend to grow less cynical and suspicious, and more willing to put their faith in others.
The aframax fleet is expected to shrink marginally this year suezmaxes to show no growth and VLCCs to grow less than 2%.
Oil plunged Friday for the fourth time in five days after the International Energy Agency said global oil demand will grow less than previously forecast next year.
As our tear ducts grow less productive with age, dry eye is a common condition for those age 65 and older.
These countries, which have their richest members in the Bric- Brazil, Russia, India and China group of emerging economies, recorded similar growth rates in 2012, although the transition countries were starting to grow less quickly.
SINGAPORE, Jumada II 20, 1433, May 11, 2012, SPA -- Oil prices fell to below $96 a barrel Friday in Asia amid concern global crude demand will grow less this year than previously expected, according to AP.
Britain expanded its LNG import capacity last year to diversify sources and grow less dependent on North Sea supply.