grow too fast

See: overextend
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Timka and Dasha set out to do just that, but run into one obstacle after another--the sprouting bicycles grow too fast, or too high!
It is an autoimmune condit ion where the body attacks itself - causing skin to grow too fast and form red patches covered with silver flaky scales.
"This is a market that cannot grow too fast because it would mean taking cargo from other ports and rerouting them to Lazaro Cardenas, but this is just the beginning" says Armando Herrera, commercial manager at the port.
With office operations out of Thunder Bay and satellite counters in Winnipeg and Sioux Lookout, the company is poised to have a stronger presence in Northern regions, but Meilleur does not want to grow too fast. Steady as she goes is the name of the game.
Some bladder cancers may grow too fast for detection, leaving physicians to catch mainly slow cancers that they might have spotted by other means, anyway, he says.
But Foreign Secretary Robin Cook said: "It is very important NATO does not grow too fast, too quick."
"If you grow too fast, you disappoint too many people," Mike says.