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1 million metric tons from growers and established 450 procurement centres in different districts of Sindh.
Potato growers will now be integrated vertically into the overall industry system," says Wright.
One study concluded that growers do not take the threat seriously enough.
Unemployed growers across Central America have begun torching their crops and invading large landholdings, threatening social chaos.
Cotton -- In August 2002, Monsanto announced that it was transferring important cotton technology to Cotton Incorporated, the company funded by American cotton growers and importers, to increase demand for and profitability of cotton.
On vision and leadership: While nearly 50 percent of growers had explicit, highly growth-oriented visions and strategies, only 13 percent of the lagging companies made the same claim.
Not if you want to be successful," says Roger Baccigalupi, president and CEO of Blue Diamond Growers, a Sacramento, Calif.
There is a base of more than 70 growers throughout the valley, who each has part ownership in the cooperative that is Barossa Valley Estate.
In advance of the product's launch, we held two summits with prominent nematologists, where they helped us properly position the product and set realistic grower expectations.
s largest flower grower, Delaware Valley, the largest flower wholesaler, and Esmeralda, one of the top four flower growers in Latin America.
Almost 70 percent of MACMA growers support a new federal law that requires processing firms to bargain with accredited grower bargaining cooperatives or associations.
1 competition," says Barbara Oxford, the executive director of the Peace River Valley Citrus Growers in Florida.