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Fastest growing small business: Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (UK) Limited, Newcastle.
3 : to be related in some way by reason of growing <The tree branches have grown together.
Scientists have now found that this vine chooses its victim by smell, growing its shoots in the direction of a plant's natural perfume.
To most casual browsers, coffee has as much to do with songbirds as chalk does to cheese, but a growing movement centering on coffee's many political dimensions is beginning, like the caffeine in the cup, to wake up a disinterested public.
Not too long ago, organic growing much simpler; in fact, it was the only option.
Today, it's considered a key ingredient in developing cancer-fighting drugs and someday there may be plantations of the stuff growing as a cash crop across Northern Ontario.
Through the seasons of a single year this story-poem follows a growing sunflower seed that meets the world of caterpillars, dogs, and weather with a compelling determination to grow.
Furthermore, the warming climate has enabled vineyards to thrive in areas where the weather was previously too cool or too variable for growing high-quality grapes.
Yet the record shows that federal spending actually grew at a slower rate under liberal Democrat Bill Clinton than it did under President George Bush (the elder), or is now growing under President George W.
Put simply, two trees can be genetically identical but look very different because of the environmental conditions on the sites where they're growing.
The growing global networks of circulation that Jes Grew would travel, appropriate, and alter will be striated to the point of restricting its flow entirely.