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"I sometimes interpret it as growing apart. I've changed and he has changed.
According to youths' reports of their daily time, although parent-teen time when others were also present declined from the early to late teen years, parent-teen time with just the parent and the teen present actually increased in early and middle adolescence-a finding that contradicts the stereotype of teens growing apart from their parents.
She can now see for herself that, instead of growing apart, Karl and Stella are actually getting closer.
In a statement, the couple revealed they have decided to separate after "much soul searching", blaming the break-up on "growing apart".
A TORY Government would result in Britain "growing apart" with the Union at risk and greater inequality, Prime Minister Gordon Brown said last night.
People more than ever are growing apart in religion and worldview, and unless a leader brings them together, religion won't keep them united any longer.
In a statement he said the pair had been "growing apart for some time" and this had put "too much pressure on their relationship".
Nobody's really anticipating that sort of thing."Twain, Lange split 'Unfortunate'Music mogul Robert "Mutt" Lange has spoken out about his split from country star Shania Twain, revealing the couple was "growing apart".Lange has filed for divorce from the singer after 15 years of marriage, and in a brief statement, the music producer admits the separation is "unfortunate".He tells People magazine, "It's just an unfortunate thing that's happened...It's literally just a growing apart, that's all." Reports suggest the split was as much of a shock to Twain as it was for her fans.A source says, "She's devastated.