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According to the Daily Mail, he married fashion stylist Clary Fisher, the mother of his five-year-old daughter, in 2004, and they separated in 2010 after growing apart.
The celebrity magazine said that the break-up is amicable, but that the couple has been growing apart for quite some time and that they're on very friendly terms.
You're worried you might be growing apart but it could be she's never done much clubbing.
The official statement said that Pennie "has left due to finding the last year increasingly unenjoyable and growing apart from the rest of the band.
If you guys can work out a balance, it will feel less like you and your friend are growing apart.
But rather than growing apart, the move actually brought us closer because we had to make more of an effort to talk and to spend time together.
The slow-paced song about lovers growing apart, which was directed by Anthony Mandler in Los Angeles, features the scarlet-haired Bajan beauty lying between the sheets with a shirtless lover, reports the Daily Mail.