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That is the greatest price we are paying for the political success of a growingly religious right wing in America.
The institutions processing these requests are faced with quite a heavy workload as a result of the Regulation, both because of the huge increase in requests and their growingly complexity.
Heavy no-tolerance policing, one solution at the moment, is not going to alleviate the social dysfunction that is growingly evident.
The birth of the tanning station was something I always linked to a growingly permissive attitude towards prostitution and took it for granted these places were a thin facade for knocking shops.
McHugh again had the chance to appease the growingly impatient Mary's support.
He was now interested too in ancient (and modern) rituals, problems of world history, growingly urgent disputes over national origins, and such.
Though the ADB has been supporting developing countries in their infrastructure building efforts since long, the banks function and importance are growingly facing challenges after the China-led infrastructure investment bank started operations last year.
Also, in February 2015, senior Hamas official Osama Hamdan stressed that the Palestinian movement would growingly cement ties with Iran.
It stressed that arbitration is growingly emerging as a time-saving and secure alternative to the conventional disputes settlement mechanisms.
Apparently, the Galaxy A series of devices will be specced according to the growingly price-aggressive device market.