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Pure Grown Diamonds is a true 21st Century achievement that eliminates the need for diamond mining.
Asked if full-sun production is as environmentally sustainable as shade grown, DeRupo responds, "No.
Some crops, such as kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus), a native of Africa that can be grown as an alternative to wood, remain uncommon in the United States despite 30 years of work by government and industry (SN: 8/1/87, p.
Certification is a necessary step to ensure consumers get what they are paying for, which is a coffee grown without chemicals.
Camino Real: This variety has been grown commercially for the last four years.
In the case of engineered tendon, the newly grown material forms the right shape but has only one-third of a natural tendon's strength.
The XRD analysis indicates GaN grown on A-Sapph(TM) has a defect density within 60% of that on the bulk reference.
Here are some of the flowers - all of which can be grown in your own garden - that you will see:
The one sure way to make certain you are not supporting the current destructive industrial agriculture system is to buy locally grown food.
But during the spring, summer and fall, the "raw fooders" in the Northwest tend to rely more on the locally grown produce found at farmers markets.
Lomo Grill, in Waynesville, North Carolina, prides itself on the many fine dishes that they create featuring Appalachian grown farm products.