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Kiche's greeting of her grown son was anything but affectionate.
However, if you look at a molecular level, you cannot tell the difference between hamburger from a cow and one grown in a lab!
Home grown tomatoes are one of the biggest delights in the garden.
According to the 2014 United States Wealth Report from Capgemini and RBC Wealth Management, the United States high-net-worth population and wealth have grown by 17 percent and 18 percent respectively.
Activities suggested for event organisers include tool swaps, taste tests of produce grown in schools or alternatively locally-grown fruit and veg, a range of gardening classes and even a mini garden show.
Some are young mums wanting to grow things for their families, others have grown things in the past but were too put off by a bad experience or lack of someone to help, others just don't have anywhere to grow anything and there are those who like the idea of gardening but don't have the foggiest how to begin.
WE asked children from Abingdon Primary School, Middlesbrough, have you ever grown anything?
It has also charted how different geographical areas of the region's economy have grown - for example, from 1999 to 2001 all but two of the winning companies came from the south of the region as the Tees Valley in particular enjoyed swift expansion.
3 : to be related in some way by reason of growing <The tree branches have grown together.>
Several recent studies also suggest that organically grown foods have a higher level of some key nutrients than do conventionally grown foods.
Growth is said to have always been an important objective for C.A.RS., and since 1981, the company has grown from a one-machine start-up to a multi-million dollar business.
"Demand for our three main products, specialty fertilizers, iodine and lithium, has grown each year over the last 20 years.