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Once a grown-up has landed down on the star called failure, he or she shall discover the reality and the truth about it.
There are plenty of nightclubs and bars in Coventry and Warwickshire where the emphasis is very much on fun for the grown-ups.
Movies for grown-ups that are smart, challenging and take chances can find an audience,'' said Daniels, who said his 15-year-old daughter couldn't understand why he was accepting an award from AARP before he retired.
Teaching grown-ups is easy because they are mostly polite and civil.
Having sex can start a baby, but usually it doesn't because grown-ups generally have sex as a way of showing how much they love each other, even when they are quite old.
And now they have created a brand new, witty series, just for grown-ups.
Though it takes the form of a picture book for children, Judith Lazar's Grown-Ups, the World and Me
TV gardening guru Alan Titchmarsh is calling on all schools to "get their grown-ups growing" as part of a nationwide event organised by the Royal Horticultural Society to be held across October.
Clearly designed to reinforce a certain blue-collar status quo, pic offers few insights into the sort of professional, parental or relationship crises real adults face, reinforcing the suspicion that "Grown Ups'" target aud isn't grown-ups at all.
Most importantly I learned I hate grown-ups and I love children," the Sun quoted her as saying.
IT'S Valentine's Day on Thursday, the day when grown-ups get all lovey-dovey.