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And when given a choice between tomato and wheat, vine seedlings grow toward tomato.
There's a myth that they grow by themselves, but it takes some knowledge and expertise,'' cautions Frieze.
Many growers have switched to smaller hybrids that produce more, but require more chemicals to grow and don't taste as good.
The North may prove to be an appealing place to grow it commercially because the wild plant appears to thrive here.
Plant your seeds a month early with an indoor grow light, wait until after the last projected frost date to transplant as usual, and enjoy an extra month of production.
The point of focusing on the extent of a country's domestic market is to move his argument from an exposition on how economies develop to his own explanation for why economies grow.
The Usage Note at grow in American Heritage 4 observes "The transitive use applied to business and nonliving things is quite new.
Ultimately, we want to grow tissue from a patient's own cells to avoid an immune reaction.
A frequently heard complaint from Easterners and Midwesterners who come here to live is that they are unable to grow peonies, most of which require considerably more cold than Southern California has to offer.
How a certified organic farm, we grow a wide variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs and plants.
Of course, grow can be a transitive verb, but past usage has confined that usage to the farm.