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SAM Allardyce says he has no time for grudges with his historic rival Rafa Benitez - as the pair are set to share parallel dugouts tonight.
What To Do About the Solomons is an absorbing debut novel that is resonant with familial dramas, grudges, and love.
Life is to [sic] short to hold grudges," the question read.
Although I was puzzled when he said you shouldn't hold grudges.
A study published in Psychological Science showed grudges increase heart rate, blood pressure and negative emotions.
SAMMY ST JOHNSTONE ace Simon Lappin insists he bears no grudges against Ryan McGowan.
Eventually some of these grudges are resolved and people move on.
CONNOR Wickham will bear no grudges as he continues his one-man mission to fire Sunderland out of relegation trouble.
But the jibes, huffs, insults, squabbles and more pile up higher and higher - until there are more grudges than one man's house can hold
Washington, December 28 ( ANI ): Courtney Love has revealed that her New Year's resolution will be to be friends with all her former boyfriends and get rid of any grudges she has been holding against them.
I try to be a good friend, but I have a hard time letting go of grudges.
Summary: Spurs manager Harry Redknapp says he holds no grudges against Roy Hodgson who is looking more likely to inherit the England job.