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It is noteworthy that, no matter how grudgingly, the people are accepting that we are doing our best.
There's difference between grudgingly letting dogin being A place I visited friendly last week had a "three barks and you're out" policy.
NASA has converted the FOIA process--which is intended to provide citizens with prompt and complete disclosure--into a tedious and protracted battle in which documents are produced late, grudgingly, and in an incomplete and haphazard manner.
Even the Conservatives have grudgingly admitted this.
The move came after Belarus grudgingly agreed to let Russian state energy group Gazprom double the price of gas.
Lynn grudgingly boards a plane, professing only distaste for her native town--its dryness and strip malls and lack of culture, the place where her father died of heart failure.
Since its discovery in 1994, the BRCA1 gene has given up its secrets grudgingly.
In 2005, Archbishop Flynn grudgingly acquiesced to Vatican statements not to administer Communion to homosexual activists.
Bush told two jokes at the annual Alfalfa Club dinner that I must grudgingly acknowledge were pretty good.
Boards of directors are spending more time thinking about risk management--but are doing so grudgingly, according to a survey by Lloyd's and the Economist Intelligence Unit.
Some mills are buying, but grudgingly, while others are simply cutting back or refusing to place orders altogether.