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Further, I believe the mental and physical discipline needed to maintain a vegetarian lifestyle is very similar to the mental and physical discipline needed for grueling athletic training.
Like all incoming cadets, she must report in the summer prior to her first academic year in order to go through Beast, the grueling training designed to separate the wheat from the chaff.
But one of the most grueling annual competitions actually involves bird-watching In the contest known as the North American Big Year, hundreds of bird enthusiasts spend 365 days trotting across thousands of miles of rough terrain in an effort to spot the most bird species in that period.
Evans acknowledges that the schedule he maintained at RDT, and then with his Seattle based company beginning in 1976, was grueling and took a toll on the dancers.
Armstrong credits his illness with enabling him to compete in the grueling event, as a result of weight loss associated with his chemotherapy treatments.
He barely survives the grueling training, and is finally shipped off to Europe with his friend Ted.
Air Force--volunteered to help mortuary officials in grueling duties that included identifying the dead sailors, conducting autopsies, and sorting personal belongings.