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Lying awake in her bedroom and faced with the approach of dawn after a gruelingly sleepless night, the young woman Nan suddenly experiences her environment with the clarity of epiphanic vision: she perceives the su nrise to be "terrible," her husband seems "desperate in his sleep," and the sheets of her bed become pale and "white[n] grossly before her eyes," as if they were funeral shrouds.
For Mumia Abu-Jamal, these must've been gruelingly sleepless nights.
He lures the kidnapper back into the public world of male action, out of the home, and in a gruelingly extended flash of hand-to-hand combat, the bad guy ends up dead.
Interpretation requires a gruelingly high level of concentration, and highly specialized training.
WE'RE TOLD in the opening moments of the gruelingly earnest ``Mona Lisa Smile'' that Katherine Watson (Julia Roberts) is a bohemian from California (even worse, she hails from the northern part of the state) who has come to Wellesley College - the most conservative college in the nation
The combination of gay subject matter and gruelingly sadistic violence will make this a tough sell, even on the arthouse circuit.
The account was so gruelingly horrible that it evoked squeaks of disgust from columnists like Anthony Lewis and Richard Cohen, who would have been more effective if they had spoken up earlier.