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With some such inquiry in his thoughts, Gruff and Glum, stricken by so sudden an interest that he perked his neck and looked over the intervening people, as if he were trying to stand on tiptoe with his two wooden legs, took an observation of R.
For, Gruff and Glum, though most events acted on him simply as tobacco-stoppers, pressing down and condensing the quids within him, might be imagined to trace a family resemblance between the cherubs in the church architecture, and the cherub in the white waistcoat.
The gruff voice said repeatedly 'sacré,''diable,' and once 'mon Dieu.
Why, how many years older than you, is Gruff and Tackleton, John?
returned the gruff voice; 'for all old Luke's winning through thick and thin of late years, I remember the time when he was the unluckiest and unfortunatest of men.
He was gruff, vulgar, ill-tempered; the chief ought to be kicked for letting her go near him
He heard the shrill voices of the women, the gruff basses of the men, and the snarling of the dogs.
One must let you drink your coffee in peace, at least," said Matvey, in the affectionately gruff tone with which it was impossible to be angry.
The answer to this was a gruff 'All right,' and the next thing was a heavy crash as the steamer struck a glancing blow with the bluff of her bow about our fore-rigging.
Thank you, ma'am," said a gruff voice behind her, and there, to her great dismay, stood old Mr.
Hetty was frightened at this gruff old man, and still more at this last suggestion that she looked like a wild woman.
No,' answered the gruff voice; 'and he says he never will be, that's more.